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M&A Preparation Assessment

Before you embark on any significant journey, while it sounds obvious, it is necessary to understand where you expect to arrive, be clear about the starting point with all who are coming along, and at least have a feel for the minimum you will need along the way to arrive safely and successfully at your destination.

Our first step with clients always is to deliver actionable insights, which inform any further work we do together. We begin with an M&A Preparation Assessment to understand the starting point. This can take the form of an online ‘Deal Ready’ Team Assessment or a detailed M&A Capability Audit to work out broadly what is needed. Some organizations take the next step to create a detailed ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap. The roadmap is organized around the M&A Fundamentals as discovered in our research.

M&A Preparation Assessment

The first step towards knowing what to do is to know where you stand. To find out quickly, choose one of our preparation assessment options:

'Deal Ready' Snapshot

Take a few minutes now to complete a complimentary online ‘Deal Ready’ Snapshot Assessment for your organization, and access a Snapshot Debrief call with Karen Isely.

'Deal Ready' Team Assessment

Consider who in your organization is best placed to participate – choose up to ten people who can complete the ten minute, online ‘Deal Ready’ Team Assessment. We then analyze the results to provide a summary of your organization’s M&A preparation based on this collective view, and compile our findings into a comprehensive report.

Download a Deal Ready’ Team Assessment Flyer for details.

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M&A Capability Audit

The results of our research have had a profound impact on how we work with clients to address their most critical gaps in preparation for inorganic growth. This research-based M&A Capability Review is where we start. It is adaptable to suit individual client circumstances and undertaken in strict confidence, with full non-disclosure agreements in place as required.

Download an M&A Capability Audit Flyer for details.

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‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program

Our public group ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program is designed to deliver laser focus for your deal preparation efforts. And so much more.

Don’t mistake this four month program for training!! Of course you will learn along the way, but the focus is practical, beginning with a four week (elapsed time) intensive to create your roadmap. With support from colleagues you will produce a real-world, practical plan to address the M&A challenges your organization is most likely to face. We provide the structure and guidance for efficient roadmap development, followed by implementation support for the duration of the program.

A prerequisite for the program is completion of our ‘Deal Ready’ Team Assessment (either stand-alone, or as part of a full M&A Capability Audit).

This program has been designed for you if you are a CEO, Head of Strategy/M&A, Head of People Function (or a proxy for one of these roles, with deal experience and accountability for improving deal outcomes). 

We aim to deliver our public group programs two or three times each year. Selection to join our ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program is by application and places are limited. We deliberately keep the group small to optimize participation and personal support; we select members to ensure the peer group will gel, and to avoid having industry competitors in the same program. If it turns out that one of our public programs is not a fit for you, we can discuss a customised program just for your organization. 

Download a ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program Flyer for details about program benefits, content and investment.

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