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Bespoke M&A Advisory Services

When we say Execution, we mean getting things done at all deal stages. Specifically, we focus on program establishment, resourcing, management and governance; tracking results; customer and salesforce management; communication program delivery; culture management; bringing supporting functions together to deliver what is required; and cultivating a positive mindset in support of achieving deal outcomes.

You may be tempted to take a “learn as you go” approach to Execution. However, it pays to remember that if you don’t have the right people with the right skills and experience, in the right place at the right time, you will be only as effective as your weakest team member. This takes a toll, if not on deal outcomes directly then certainly on business leaders and team members cover the gaps.

Execution comes into its own in the planning and implementation deal stages. Safe to say that how well things can go, and ultimately how well things turn out, is influenced by early investment. Specifically, in Culture Management, Communication Strategy and Engagement; undertaking Diligence with Implementation front of mind; drawing on deep experience for Implementation Planning; and having a trusted “guide by the side” for business leaders, deal and implementation teams.

Isely Associates make our best contribution to successful Execution when we work as an extension of your team. This can mean joining and contributing on a retained basis for an agreed period, or establishing a formal team and/or individual coaching program for your key resources.

M&A Team Coaching

Behind all successful transactions is the culmination of strong teamwork across three key teams – the Executive Team, the People Team and the Strategy/Business Development Team. We work with each of these teams separately – or in concert – to ensure they are equipped with essential knowledge, processes and tools. Built into our approach is preparing teams to do M&A work in a way that first ticks the important boxes. And then we work alongside to enhance results,  limit ‘burnout’ and build personal and organization capability for the future.

No two situations are the same and we tailor every program to meet the specific needs of our clients. We draw on lived experience, insights from current research and content from our M&A Development Programs to strike a practical balance between learning and doing.

Executive Team Program

Executive teams vary widely in their knowledge, experience and preparedness for M&A transactions. It is important – before any action commences – to understand where your top team stands and fill any gaps. To do this we work out current capabilities and recommend a program to build from this foundation.

We work collaboratively with leadership teams to enhance their understanding of deal processes, clarify their roles and responsibilities, strengthen change leadership skills and meet any other specific gaps that are important to address.

People Team Program

Ideally, the People Function is positioned to deliver on all employee-related issues arising from M&A activity, and as such plays a critical role to minimize employee-related risks and ensure transitions are aligned, compliant and smooth. Each People Team has a different profile of M&A experience, and this profile needs to be understood ahead of any action. We partner with HR, Organisation Development, People and Culture, etc. teams to help fill gaps identified and equip them to meet expected (and sometimes unexpected!) transaction challenges.

Strategy / Business Development Team Program

Business Development teams spearhead work into often new and risk-ridden terrain to deliver growth, with their antennae highly tuned to the financial and commercial aspects of M&A deals. More sophisticated teams know the importance of extending their transaction expertise to include understanding and attention to employee-related elements of acquisitions and mergers. Whether it is to enhance the overall knowledge and skill level of BD teams, or to help them strengthen a particular element of their process – such as recognising cultural markers during early due diligence – we build a tailored programs for each unique situation.

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Individual M&A Coaching and Mentoring

If your organization is like most, your business leaders and people team will have experienced a number of M&A transactions (from some perspective) over the course of reaching a senior or executive level. While capable and experienced, M&A rarely is their first calling and most will benefit from some form of support to assist them to make a better contribution during the course of a transaction.

We coach and mentor individuals to prepare ahead of deals and also to shape their contributions along the way. We also provide individual mentoring support to members of these teams or other key business leaders at critical points in transactions.

“Karen’s coaching style carries naturally to her consulting work with organizations, as she places great importance on learning, knowledge transfer and capability building.”

– Mercer Australia Colleague

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Bespoke M&A Advisory Services

When we are providing solutions as described above, or working on a retained basis as an extension of Executive or Deal Teams, it is inevitable that requirements for design, facilitation, project or program support arise that are outside of our agreed scope. We work with clients to structure and resource a range of M&A work including:

  • Due diligence (human capital, cultural and structural risks)
  • Organization design and restructure 
  • Integration planning
  • Culture assessment, integration and transformation
  • Retention strategy development and implementation
  • Top team establishment and development
  • Independent review of integration progress and outcomes

Having the organization knowledge and external perspective that comes with already being up to speed on the deal makes this process efficient when time is of the essence. Also it becomes possible for us to act effectively on behalf of Executive or Deal Teams to oversee this identified work if required. And rolling up our sleeves to get it done is always an option in a pinch.

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