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Join us on the second Thursday of any month for this M&A Essentials Briefing.

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10:00 AM Sydney Time Zone (Likely best for NZ and USA)

6:00 PM Sydney Time Zone (Likely best for Europe, Middle East, Asia)

M&A Essentials Briefing

On the second Thursday of each month Karen Isely delivers this M&A Essentials Briefing based on her global research. Importantly, her research shows that meeting deal objectives is up to 23 times more likely when people have a positive deal experience than when their experience is negative.

Is a merger or acquisition in your future business plans? Are you working through an integration that’s not going the way you would like it to go? What concerns do you have about meeting expected deal outcomes?

Join our next briefing and discover the essentials that could help you to improve your odds of meeting M&A objectives by up to 23x.

Main Topics

Join this complementary briefing to explore:

  • Global research highlights – how people experience impacts deal outcome
  • How to improve your odds of meeting deal objectives
  • M&A Essentials: Clarity, Leadership and Culture Basics
  • A comprehensive, practical approach to getting your organization ‘Deal Ready’
  • ‘Tips From The Trenches’ with live Q&A


Here’s what to expect on the day:

  • We will run this briefing on Zoom.
  • Block out about an hour fifteen; a bit longer if you intend to stay for Q&A.
  • To protect confidentiality the session recording will not be distributed.
  • If plans change and you miss out, join us live the following month!
  • And if you can’t wait that long, Get in Touch and we’ll work something out.

The Cost of Playing
Catch Up is Significant

Having a well-prepared “go to” team is essential to maximize deal value captured.

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