Program Benefits

Actionable ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap, set to implement

Immediate, applied learning based on our latest global research

Interaction and discovery with peers across industries during the MasterClass series and in group coaching calls

1-on-1 coaching provided by Karen Isely through the program

Supporting templates, tools and checklists

Participant Requirements

Suitable for CEO, Head of Strategy/BD, Head of People Function.

Proxies for these roles considered as long as they have deal experience and hold clear accountability for improving deal outcomes.

In some circumstances program fees cover two participants so that learning opportunities and workload can be shared.

Participating organizations selected on application to ensure balanced peer group with no direct competitors.

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What To Expect

This ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program delivers laser focus for deal preparation efforts, and so much more. The program runs over four months following completion of a prerequisite M&A Preparation Team Assessment, the foundation upon which a tailored roadmap is built. Fundamental to the program is a four week intensive masterclass series that guides participants through all aspects of creating an implementable plan to address critical M&A blind spots, and to manage-deal related business risk.

Four Week Intensive Master Class Series is Frame for Roadmap Development

Karen Isely facilitates live virtual Master Classes (six two-hour sessions) over 4 weeks to provide the knowledge, process, tools and support for ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap creation.

  • Essentials for M&A Success – Explore the link Between People Experience and Deal Objectives
  • Mastering Clarity to Improve People Experience and Deal Outcome
  • Mastering M&A Leadership to Improve People Experience in Deals
  • Mastering Culture – Before, During and After the Deal
  • M&A Foundation – Capability and Execution
  • Wrap Up Session – Roadmap Meets Business Rhythm

During this four week intensive to start, weekly group guidance sessions and 1:1 progress sessions with Karen facilitate participant development and Roadmap preparation.

Personalized Support

Karen’s aim is to do everything possible to support each participant as they create their ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap. She provides:

  • 1-on-1 progress calls as required during the four week intensive to provide tailored direction and practical, actionable recommendations
  • Expert review of completed Roadmap
  • 1-on-1 coaching calls monthly following Roadmap completion through program duration.


A prerequisite for this ‘Deal Ready’ Roadmap Program  is the completion of either our Team M&A Preparation Assessment or M&A Capability Audit.

Both are confidential assessments of M&A preparation level against factors known to contribute to deal success.

Allow for a minimum of two weeks before the program begins for completion of the Assessment and four weeks for the Audit.


Fees: Professional fees on application + local tax as required

 Time investment of ½ to 1 day per week, per participant, for Master Class participation and application of learning to build Roadmap in stages

Implement: Time investment varies depending on Roadmap requirements

The Cost of Playing
Catch Up is Significant

Having a well-prepared “go to” team is essential to maximize deal value captured.

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