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M&A Leadership Coaching

The collective capability of your leadership team, plus the behaviour of individual leaders, will enable (or detract from) M&A value creation. Particularly at these critical times, all eyes are on those at the top.  People will observe how your leaders behave, the decisions they make (and fail to make), what they say (and don’t say) and everything they are seen to tolerate (or not). The strong messages your M&A leaders send, intentionally or not, will enhance or obstruct the process of setting up your future organization for success.

Based on our most recent research, Leadership challenges and things about Leadership that went wrong predict people experience (which predicts whether or not deal objectives are met). Specifically, positive people experience is 3 times more likely when Leadership is not mentioned as a challenge and 5.6 times more likely when Leadership is not mentioned as something that went wrong.

M&A Leadership Coaching

Three attributes of effective M&A leaders – Deliberate, Influential and Galvanizing – emerge at the intersections of the M&A Fundamentals Clarity, Capability and Execution.

Where Clarity meets Capability, effective M&A leaders are Deliberate in anticipation. They intentionally take charge and work out what they have, what they need and what they must do to prepare their organization and teams. 

Where Capability meets Execution, effective M&A leaders Influence. They do this by paying close attention to how they are showing up at work and fully understand their own impact. They act consciously, knowing that people are looking to them to see how to react and behave. 

Where Execution meets Clarity, effective M&A leaders Galvanize. They pull everything and everyone together to keep things moving in the right direction, at pace. 

We work closely with top teams to ensure that they and their leaders are coherent, aligned, focused and prepared for the challenges ahead, and that critical talent is identified, strengthened and retained for as long as needed.

M&A Leadership Essentials

Leadership is one of the main drivers of people experience in deals. 

To achieve the basics of leading through such significant change as comes with M&A, top teams and line managers alike need a head start so they know what is expected of them the minute a deal is announced. Awareness gives leaders a fighting chance. After this masterclass participants will…

  • Have a framework for assessing M&A Leadership Effectiveness
  • Be aware of the important elements of Leadership that impact directly on people experience and therefore, indirectly on deal outcomes
  • Understand the benefits of developing M&A Leadership capability and the importance of starting this work early with key leaders and teams 
  • Make the connection between being a good M&A Leader and being an effective leader more broadly

Culture Leadership Essentials

Every merger acquisition, joint venture, alliance or outsourcing partnership is designed to enhance business value, yet many fail to achieve expected outcomes because deal teams do not harness cultural opportunities and effectively manage cultural risks. 

Culture Leadership Essentials is designed to help Executives and Senior Business Leaders know how to turn Culture – which may seem intangible – into a strategic competitive advantage when stakes are at their highest. After this masterclass participants will…

  • Understand the the business case for doing best practice culture work at each deal stage
  • Appreciate how merger outcomes can be driven and improved by leveraging culture management 
  • Add crucial cultural impact considerations to their decision-making “ground rules”
  • Know what it takes to build the future preferred culture during the course of merger implementation
  • Minimise the risk of a deal not meeting stated objectives due to leaving culture as an after-thought
  • Not panic if already behind the curve and come up with an achievable plan to get a merger back on track.

M&A Leadership Coaching

If your organization is like most, your business leaders and people team will have experienced a number of M&A transactions (from some perspective) over the course of reaching a senior or executive level. While capable and experienced, M&A rarely is their first calling. Most will benefit from some form of support to further develop their M&A Leadership capability so they can make a better contribution during the course of a transaction.

We coach and mentor individuals to prepare ahead of deals and also to shape their contributions along the way. We also provide individual mentoring support to members of these teams or other key business leaders at critical points in transactions.

to learn more about structuring an M&A Leadership Program for your organization.